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Environmental Commitment


Environmental Commitment

At Wabtec, we are committed to providing sustainable transportation solutions that move and improve the world.  Our goal is to provide innovative, reliable, safe, and efficient products to our customers, while conducting business in a way that is environmentally responsible to our employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate.

We believe our environmental commitment and actions support the continued success of our customers, investors, employees, and local communities.  We are guided by the following principles:

Innovating with purpose.  We are committed to developing responsible and sustainable products that minimize the impact on the environment.

  • We create sustainable solutions that support the demand for cleaner and more efficient transportation of goods and people around the world.
  • We design and manufacture products and services that achieve better performance and outcomes for our customers by utilizing less energy and fewer natural resources.  
  • We reduce overall waste by continuously improving and optimizing older products through our modernization and remanufacturing efforts.  We extend the life of these products by improving their fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and recycling materials.

Reducing our environmental footprint.  We are committed to conserving the energy and other natural resources utilized in our operations.  We plan to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing our energy use, conserving water, and eliminating waste.  

  • We focus on improving our energy efficiency and reducing electricity use through treasure hunts, energy efficiency upgrades, and the use of renewable energy.
  • We manage our water consumption in areas of scarcity by implementing water reduction, recycling and reuse measures. We maintain the quality of our water discharges through our good operating practices.
  • We pursue waste reduction efforts within our operations, as well as across our global supply chain by engaging with our suppliers and partners, to reduce by-product materials, minimize hazardous waste, and increase recycling of waste streams.
  • We evaluate the environmental risks of new business opportunities, responsibly manage impacts from our prior operations, and strive to protect the local environment and biodiversity at existing facilities and during construction of new facilities.

Conducting business responsibly.  We are committed to protecting our employees and the environment, complying with environmental, health and safety laws, and measuring and continuing to improve our environmental performance.  

  • We believe that protection of the health and safety of our people and the environment is the responsibility of everyone at Wabtec.  
  • We comply with the environmental, health and safety (EHS) laws in the places in which we operate, regardless of how local laws are enforced or implemented.   
  • We implement a standard set of EHS expectations across all our global operations.    The Wabtec Management System for Safe Environments (WMS) ensures compliance with EHS laws and regulations, internal policies, and best practices.  We measure performance and periodically validate sites against these WMS program expectations.
  • We leverage operational accountability by requiring our leaders to provide the right resources and support necessary to meet their EHS commitments and making them accountable for the EHS performance of their operations.  
  • We continuously monitor and improve our EHS performance and systems by setting and regularly reviewing performance metrics, implementing an audit program, and identifying, elevating and managing risks, potential non-compliance and other issues appropriately.
  • We expect the same commitment to a safe and healthy workplace, compliance with EHS laws, and environmental stewardship from our suppliers and other partners.