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Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Operations


Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Operations

Wabtec facilities across the world are sustainable, safe, and industry-leading manufacturing sites that share a key goal of having a positive impact not only on the industries we serve, but also on the communities and environment where we operate.

Across the company, we implemented a series of aggressive goals to reduce our environmental footprint by lowering global greenhouse gas emissions, preserving water, and eliminating waste. The impact of these efforts can be seen globally. For example:

  • In Grove City, Pennsylvania, our engine plant is equipped with three test cells that can regenerate power back into the grid—ensuring that energy generated by engines being tested does not go to waste. In 2019 alone, this capability returned over 600 million kWh to the grid.
  • In Leipzig, Germany, Wabtec commissioned a 750kW solar power plant on the roof of our two-production halls. The solar power delivers 30-50 percent of the site’s total power consumption and feeds energy back to the public grid when production is higher than consumption. In early 2020, Wabtec broke ground on a new German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) Gold-certified property in Bochum, Germany with efficiency features that create a net reduction of 141 tons of CO2 per year -- the same CO2 output as driving about 870,000 miles by car.
  • In Hosur, India, we are capturing rainwater in a percolation pit for gardening use and groundwater recharge. The facility features a rainwater harvesting system to recharge groundwater by filtering and re-injecting it to an existing bore-well. The facility also recycles wastewater from production processes and other on-site sources by filtering and purifying it for re-use.

Wabtec is committed to achieving better performance and safer operations with less energy and fewer natural resources by developing eco-friendly technologies and implementing programs and systems to drive sustainability and safety across our locations and operations. Every initiative is viewed through our People First lens that prioritizes the safety and well-being of our employees. Wabtec’s goal is to provide safe environments for all employees and foster a culture that results in zero accidents.