Wabtec PTC Performance Analytics
Wabtec PTC Performance Analytics

PTC Performance Analytics powered by WabtecONE

PTC Performance Analytics is designed to provide customers analytics and support for their PTC system. Three of the live applications currently available are: PTC Remote Viewer; PTC Performance Dashboard, PTC Message Analyzer. There are additional modules for analyzing and reporting on the systems performance. These applications utilize event logs and messaging data from the I-ETMS systems to provide insights. 

PTC Remote Viewer allows a customer’s PTC support personnel to see what the train crew sees on the TMC display in real time. This intelligence enables support personnel to be more effective and efficient at resolving field issues by providing step-by-step instructions or just monitoring operations. The result is greater equipment availability.

The PTC Performance Dashboard provides summary analytics on the overall PTC system to gauge operational efficiency and identify areas for improvement. It reduces the effort to manually analyze and summarize the data. Plot locations of “hot spots”. Visibility into real-time locomotive locations. Quickly identify ways to reduce PTC braking events.

PTC Message Analyzer provides a tool set to analyze PTC communication traffic for investigating operational problems.  The application allows analysts to query messages for specific criteria. This simplifies the data analysis and aids in the correct identification of operational problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

PTC Performance Analytics is a cloud based data collection, consolidation and analytics tools. It provides real time information for enabling actionable intelligence utilized to improve safety, schedule predictive maintenance, and maximize operational efficiencies. PTC Performance Analytics increases customer rail asset productivity and reduces the cost of ownership.

PTC Performance viewer is a statistical reporting tool used to monitor and access operational efficiency of PTC Systems. The viewer reduces time, effort and resources by identifying system weakness, specific incidents, predict and provide timely solutions.

PTC Remote viewer provides live, remote access to the Train Management Console (TMC/CDU) on the locomotive at the Back Office to analyze and provide quick resolutions of issues. The PTC Remote Playback replays CDU, Video, PTC System and other incident data from logs or Crash hardened memory for thorough Back Office analysis of incidents. This can also be used as a training tool.

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