SFTPro (Stress Free Temperature) Measurement

SFTPro (Stress Free Temperature) Measurement
SFTPro (Stress Free Temperature) Measurement

SFTPro technology provides a wireless sensor-based solution to measure rail stress free temperature on Continuous Welded Rail (CWR). The SFT measuring system enables timely and continuous measurement of SFT of stressed track during train operations without intervention in the track.


  • Real-time SFT (stress free temperature) measurement & monitoring across network
  • Early prediction of rail buckles and breaks
  • Better manage derailment risk due to track instability
  • Reduce train delay due to emergency track repair
  • Reduce need for temperature-based slow orders, or limit them to known areas of concern
  • Increased precision in de-stressing to prevent future problems

SFTPro System Overview

The SFTPro system consists of three parts:

  • Rail-mounted wireless sensor
  • Portable/vehicle-mounted sensor read out system
  • Back office for device and data management, analytics and asset-performance monitoring

SFTPro Advantages

  • Strain gauge designed to measure rail stress free temperatur
  • Identify trouble spots before any visible changes
  • Measure SFT during new rail installation to prevent future problem
  • Proactive method to permit preventative action – minimize emergency repair

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