Wabtec Digital Core Electronics and Analytics Expert on Alert
Wabtec Digital Core Electronics and Analytics Expert on Alert

Expert-on-Alert provides centralized monitoring of locomotive health status and performance in real time. Locomotives transmit data to the Wabtec monitoring and diagnostic center, where a team of experts analyzes control system status and performance data. This enables Wabtec to determine the root cause of failures while locomotives are in-transit, providing timely maintenance and repair recommendations.

Core Capabilities:

  • Locomotive Monitoring – Real-time monitoring of locomotive incidents and sensor data
  • Advanced Analytics – Repair recommendations generated through prognostics & diagnostic algorithms
  • Technical Support – 24x7 GPOC (Global Performance Optimization Center) analysis & support


  • Reduces mission failures and minimizes train delays
  • Prevents & mitigates the impact of locomotive road failures
  • Enables proactive parts and resource planning
  • More than two decades of experience; 19,000 locomotives monitored worldwide.

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