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Press Release
  • Wabtec Announces Estimate of Tax Reform Impact, Preliminary 2017 4Q Results


    WILMERDING, PA, Feb. 2, 2018 – Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) today announced an estimate of the impact of U.S. tax reform and its preliminary 2017 fourth quarter results.  The fourth quarter preliminary results include:

    • Revenues of about $1.1 billion.
    • GAAP earnings per diluted share of about 55 cents. 
    • GAAP earnings are expected to include the following impact from the U.S. tax reform bill that was enacted in December 2017:  expenses of about $55 million, or about 57 cents per diluted share, for the repatriation of earnings; and a benefit of about $52 million, or about 53 cents per diluted share, from a reduction in deferred tax liabilities. …
  • GE Transportation Unveils New Approach to Manufacturing Locomotives


    CONTAGEM, Brazil, January 31, 2018 – GE Transportation’s plant in Contagem, Brazil (MG) unveiled today a new approach to manufacturing locomotives with a mixed-model moving assembly line. This Lean Manufacturing system, one of the first in the industry, is a more efficient and sustainable approach to locomotive production. Unlike traditional stationary production lines, the mixed-model moving line is designed for employees to assemble different locomotive configurations on the same line as the units slowly move down the track.

    This new production system enables the plant to increase productivity and optimize the workforce, as well as reduce lead time and…