1130 HP Shunt DC Motors

Wabtec Drill Motors 1300 HP AC Water Cooled Motors
Wabtec Drill Motors 1300 HP AC Water Cooled Motors

Wabtec shipped the first 752 DC motor for a drilling rig in 1955. For more than 55 years, Wabtec has provided dependable 752 DC drilling motors for the toughest drilling applications. Wabtec is continuing its tradition of providing high-quality, reliable drilling motors for land and offshore drilling rigs worldwide.
Proven performance.

No guesswork required. The performance characteristics of Wabtec’s original 752 DC drilling motors have been proven time and time again on all major drill rig operations. The motor performance on Wabtec’s original 752 DC drilling motors has continually met or exceeded customer requirements.

1130 HP (858 kW) Shunt Wound DC Motors

5GE752RB High Torque


  • 5GE752RB1
    Shunt Wound Marine Features
  • 5GE752RB3
    Shunt Wound Land Features

Quick Facts

Wabtec 1130 HP Shunt Wound DC Motor Ratings
  • The Original 752™ DC Drill Rig Motor  
  • Class H insulation
  • Single-shaft extension with hub
  • Painted steel pressurized connection box with double bolt-on cable connections and terminations for motor auxiliaries
  • Space heater - 240 volts, 185 watts
  • Auxiliary lockout switch
  • Pressure sensor
  • 10 HP blower assembly with rain hood
  • Marine models also include:
  • Winding RTDs–100 ohm platinum, 2 per phase
  • ABS certified shaft
  • Armored cable
  • Bolted connection box cover
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