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Press Release
  • GE Transportation Announces New High-Speed Engine Program


    BERLIN, Sept. 19, 2018 – GE Transportation (NYSE:GE) announced today at InnoTrans 2018 a new high-speed diesel engine program, which will serve the locomotive, marine and power generation segments. The engine platform will provide improved fuel efficiency and reliability, as well as lower lifecycle costs.

    “This new, high-speed engine will be a game changer for our customers,” said Dominique Malenfant, Vice President of Global Technology for GE Transportation. “They will enjoy reduced operating costs and increased availability with this engine.  It will generate annual…

  • GE Transportation Secures First Locomotive Deal in Chile to Continue Growth in South American Market


    CHICAGO, July 19, 2018 –  GE Transportation (NYSE: GE) will supply Chilean private transport provider FCAB – Ferrocarril de Antofagasta with five diesel-electric locomotives in 2019. This is the first deal between the two partners and includes a parts, service and warranty agreement.

    The order continues GE Transportation’s growth in South America. The market is growing, and a modernized infrastructure is a key driver in the region’s economic development. GE Transportation has facilitated the growth with strategic projects in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, and Bolivia. Over the past three years, GE Transportation has seen increased locomotive and digital sales of 40…