Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Freight Car Brake System

ECP Stand Alone Manifold

Provides pneumatic control and sensor functions; stand alone and overlay versions available

ECP Car Control & ID (CCID) Junction Box
Car Control & ID (CCID) Junction Box

Contains the interface logic and connection point to the ECP network and maintains the unique car information

ECP TwistLink Inter-Car Cable
TwistLink Inter-Car ECP Cable

Connects the 230VDC trainline components featuring a simple, ergonomic "twist action" design

ECP End of Car Connector
End of Car Connector

Supports the standard interface to any AAR approved inter-car cable

ECP ELX-B Empty/Load Valve
ELX-B Empty/Load Valve

Optional pneumatic empty/load valve for use with Wabtec's ECP-4200 system

ECP Hand Brake
Hand Brake

Allows locomotive ECP logic to query for set brakes at any time

ECP Interface Unit
Interface Unit

Directly interfaces with the 230VDC Trainline Power Supply and is connected to the NIU-II

ECP Trainline Power Supply
230VDC Trainline Power Supply

Converts locomotive battery voltage to the 230VDC power required to operate ECP equipment

ECP Network Interface Unit (NIU-II)
Network Interface Unit (NIU-II)

Provides the interface for communications with industry standard locomotive systems

ECP Junction Box
Junction Box

Installed on the front and back of each ECP locomotive to provide connections with adjacent locomotives or cars

25,000+ cars equipped

millions of miles, proven reliable service

Wabtec’s ECP-4200 Freight Car Brake System shortens stopping distances by 40 – 60%, improves fuel efficiency and supports increased capacity at higher average speeds.

ECP-4200 Freight Car Brake System
System Features:
  • Simultaneous brake application
  • Graduated brake release
  • Reduced in-train forces
  • Improved train handling & speed control
  • Increased motive power efficiency
  • Proven interoperability
  • Continuous communications
ECP-4200 Freight Car Brake System