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Next generation intelligent crossings​

Gain real time insights. Enhance maintenance of crossings.

Improving safety at railroad crossings is a global imperative, and yet challenges persist: intermittent long waits for gates, maintenance of detection circuits, track circuit degradation, and manual processes to troubleshoot, are just a few of the challenges impacting railroads and the public.

KinetiX Inspection Technologies for Crossings provides real-time data and powerful analytics to users of Wabtec’s Smart Crossing System – for optimized crossing activations and insights.

KinetiX Inspection Solutions: Crossings


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Optimize Crossing Activations
  • Fine tune crossing systems for better overall performance
  • Analyze, compare, and demonstrate crossing performance.
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Enhance Crossing Maintenance
  • Remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and test with a rich set of data
  • Proactively identify issues before they become problems
Wabtec Corporation
Gain Real Time Insights
  • Get a holistic view of every crossing on the network
  • Receive automatic alarm notification for conditions out of tolerance

How it Works

KinetiX Inspection Technologies provides real time data to back-office systems for analysis of crossing performance and to aid in making efficient decisions for dispatching personnel.

  • Data on every crossing activation and train movement across the network is captured automatically and made available in one convenient location
  • Railroads can use real-time data to get insights into how crossings are performing and to facilitate fine tuning for improved operation​
  • Configurable alarms provide crossing exception notification
KinetiX Inspection Technologies - Crossings│Wabtec Corporation

Continuous monitoring of crossings becomes a reality with every highway-rail grade crossing reporting warning times to a back office​

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