Advanced Customer Information System (A-CIS)

Driving the passenger experience.

Put the power of real-time information into the palm of your passengers’ hands. 

Knowledge is power. In today’s fast-paced world, real-time information is central to customer satisfaction. Wabtec’s Advanced Customer Information System (A-CIS) utilizes dynamic data and predictive analytics to inform rail riders of the latest status and enhance the transit experience. 

Key Features

Situational Awareness
Wabtec’s Advanced Customer Information System monitors servers, station control units, and audio/visual components for failures to alert operators and maintenance staff:

  • A-CIS Host and Database Servers
  • Station Control Units Servers
  • Serial and IP signs
  • Connected Audio Equipment – DSPs and Amplifiers
  • Integrated Subsystems – connection monitoring with automated failovers and provide operator status indications.

Advanced Customer Information System supports many interfaces, including:

  • Audio / Visual messaging systems (AVMS)
  • LED and flat panel LCD Platform Signs
  • Public announcement (PA) systems
  • Digital Signal Processors
  • Analog and digital amplifiers and speakers
  • Feed to onboard messaging systems
  • GTFS-Realtime feeds
  • Scheduling software and GTFS static files
  • Passenger- and railroad staff-facing web and mobile application interfaces
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) feeds, including:
  • Train control SCADA / dispatch systems
  • Direct GPS Feed, using Wabtec’s Real Time Vehicle Location (RTVL) System
  • GTFS-Real Time and proprietary data feeds such as INIT / SIRI
  • Capability to interface with other interoperating railroads – Train Arrivals, train movement messaging.
  • Data analytics platforms

Operator Interface and Passenger Messaging
Easy web-based operator graphical user interface supports: 

  • Scheduled and train proximity and arrival messages 
  • Ad Hoc audio and visual messages 
  • Live audio announcements 
  • Integrated text-to-speech to ensure consistent text and audio announcements 
  • Message templates and macros 
  • API-based message management capability 
  • Mobile operator interface for remote and on-station operator announcements
Advanced Customer Information System (A-CIS)


Wabtec Corporation
Increase passenger satisfaction

Enable passengers to receive dynamic notifications of train status.

Wabtec Corporation
Increase Visibility

Expand situational awareness through a holistic view of operations.

Wabtec Corporation

Identify delays before they happen and proactively notify interested parties 

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