1150 HP AC Air Cooled Motors

Wabtec Drill Motor 1150 AC
Wabtec Drill Motor 1150 AC

Wabtec manufactures rugged electric AC motors for the toughest applications in the oil & gas industry.

Manufactured in Erie, Pennsylvania for over 20 years

  • Over 8,000 units shipped for operation by most global drilling contractors. Thousands more produced for Locomotive and Mining applications
  • ATEX, IECEx, CAN/CSA, ANSI/UL hazardous area certifications
  • ABS, DNV marine class certifications
  • Tape heaters; 200 watts on each end for superior winding protection
  • Power connection box field convertible (left to right side), with copper bar connections to the motor end rings.
  • Form wound copper stator windings
  • 4340 alloy steel – ABS certified motor shafts
  • 20 year design life – 1.5 design margin


1150 HP (858 kW) AC Motors

5GEB22 Series


  • 5GEB22A
    The original GEB22 AC model with 5GE752 footprint, shaft height and bearings.
  • 5GEB22D
    The same as 5GEB22A except with an oversized shaft extension for belted side loads.
  • 5GEB22E
    The same as 5GEB22A except smaller roller bearing for direct coupled shaft with no side load.

Quick Facts

Wabtec Drill Motor 1150 AC Ratings
  • 6-pole stator with “form-wound” windings
  • Copper chromium alloy rotor bars
  • Class H insulation, robotically taped, Mica-Kapton system
  • 4340 alloy shafts
  • Insulated bearings on non-drive end
  • Single shaft extension with hub  
  • IP56 stainless steel connection box, field convertible from A to B side.
  • Winding RTDs, 100-ohm platinum; 2 per phase
  • Pressure sensor to verify ventilation
  • 15 HP (13 kW) blower assembly – 3,000 scfm
  • Air Intake louvers to protect from water ingress
  • Tape heaters 200 watts on each end of motor
  • IP44 assembly rating
  • Same shaft height and mounting feet dimensions as the 5GE752. 5GEB22D Shaft diameter and hub are larger.
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