Automated Single Car Test Device

Automated Single Car Test Device (Cart Mounted)
Automated Single Car Test Device (Truck Mounted)
Automated Single Car Test Device (Cart Mounted)
Automated Single Car Test Device (Truck Mounted)

Improve the Reliability of Every Car Tested

Wabtec’s Automated Single Car Test Device (ASCTD) offers significant time and cost savings over manual single car testing. It is approved and compliant to AAR specification S-4027 and scalable to accommodate future upgrades including ECP testing. Our ASCTD improves the reliability of every car tested.

  • Saves time and increases the accuracy of freight car air brake testing
  • Records and displays system leakage and flow to the tenth of a psi in each respective pressure vessel
  • Documented test results provide an irrefutable record of compliance while reducing costly misdiagnosis and the erroneous removal of properly functioning valve portions
  • Capable of running tests via the conventional end-of-car method or with the Wabtec 4-Port receiver system which provides better testing results in half the time
  • Display options include a Windows-based user interface with 10" touchscreen or out-of-thebox Wi-Fi capability for end users to connect wirelessly and interface with the device using their specific hardware/display

The Wabtec ASCTD is available in two versions:

  • Cart Mounted
  • Truck Mounted


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