Empty/Load Equipment

SC-1 and ELX type empty/load equipment for freight car air brake systems.

SC-1 Type Empty Load Equipment: S-1 Load Sensing Valve
SC-1 Type: S-1 Load Sensing Valve

Regulates air flow to the P-1 Load Proportional Valve when a car is empty

SC-1 Type Empty Load Equipment: S-3 Load Sensing Valve
SC-1 Type: S-3 Load Sensing Valve

Low profile alternative to the S-1 Load Sensing Valve

SC-1 Type P-1 Load Proportioning Valve
SC-1 Type: P-1 Load Proportioning Valve

Proportions brake cylinder pressure on an empty car at either 40%, 50% or 60% of a loaded car

SC-1 Type Empty/Load Equalizing Reservoir
SC-1 Type: Equalizing Reservoir

A small reservoir designed to provide pressure balance with the brake cylinder upon an empty car brake application

ELX-S Empty/Load Valve
ELX-S Valve

Self-contained unit that mounts to slope sheet

ELX-B Empty/Load Device
ELX-B Valve

The ELX-B Empty/Load Valve incorporates the sensor and proportioning function in one unit

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