Truck Mounted Brake Systems

Lightweight, versatile, freely suspended systems as an alternative to conventional, body mounted brake rigging arrangements.

  • Constructed from lightweight materials; Wabtec's TMX® & UBX® weigh 400 - 500 pounds less than conventional brake rigging
  • Simplified two-lever arrangement is easy to install and adjust and requires no mounting to the bolster or connections to the car body of any kind
  • Modular design of fabricated brake beam allows application to any rail gage and unit guide combination
  • Angle corrected brake heads provide even shoe wear, leading to improved economy from less frequent shoe changeouts and full utilization of friction material
  • Brake cylinders, slack adjusters, and brake beams are individually replaceable and reconditionable
  • Available for 70, 100, 125 ton applications and capabilities up to 45 ton axle load
Wabtec TMX Truck Mounted Brake System

AAR S-4005 unconditionally approved brake system with over 30 years of proven field history

UBX® Truck Mounted Brake System

Features a fully sealed spring actuator and is designed for use in high particulate environments

Triax Truck Mounted Brake System

Utilizes standard AAR S-344 brake beams, with diagonally corrected brake heads for even shoe wear

WABCOPAC II™ Truck Mounted Brake System

Complete brake systems & replacement parts

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