Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

Wabtec High Performance Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
Wabtec High Performance Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

Protects locomotive exhaust systems for the entire life cycle

  • Preferred by Class I Railroads, our high performance chamber to crankcase gasket features a metal jacketed design to aid in protecting the engine crankcase and exhaust manifolds.
  • Wabtec's high performance exhaust gaskets utilize an inner graphite core that works effortlessly in extreme temperatures created by the exhaust system.
  • When the complete Wabtec High Performance Exhaust Gasket System is applied, the inner graphite core remains intact throughout the entire life of the exhaust gasket system to ensure proper torque loading and eliminates leaks.
  • #DE14154 (OEM #40026939)
    GASKET: Expansion joint to turbocharger (replaces 9572292)
  • #DE14156 (OEM #40026938)
    GASKET: Adapter to expansion joint (replaces 9570093)
  • #DE14158 (OEM #40026936)
    GASKET: Chamber to adapter (replaces 9572295)
  • #DE14159 (OEM #9571663)
    GASKET: Cover flange to manifold flange
  • #DE14157 (OEM #40026937)
    GASKET: Expansion joint to chamber (replaces 9572294)
  • #DE14155 (OEM #40055466)
    GASKET: Chamber to crankcase - exhaust manifold leg (replaces 9571655 & 40034378)
Standard Gasket Material Compared to

Wabtec's Dark High Performance Graphite

Wabtec Dark High Performance Graphite Gasket Material

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