QBA Series Air Dryers

Air Brake Dryers
Air Brake Dryers

Wabtec Model QBA Series Air Dryers are designed for the critical demands of stop-and-go, high-air usage transit buses.

Patented multi-stage filtration components combined with twin-tower drying technology reliably filter heavy sludge, oil, carbon, water and dirt contamination. The QBA Series Air Dryers also eliminate troublesome winter air-line freezing. As the world leader in air-drying technology for severe duty, heavy rail, locomotive and rail transit industries, QBA Series Air Dryers deliver extraordinary performance, unequaled reliability, and lasting value.

Optimized, trouble-free performance in severe duty, transit bus environment

  • Patented multi-stage, high-capacity filtration
  • Advanced twin-tower design for continuous operation
  • Self-cleaning stainless-steel scrubber pad
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Re-build kits available
  • Available with compressor unload and turbo maintaining valves
  • Heater/thermostat optional
  • 2 models available
Model: QBA15 QBA60 
Max Inlet Flow Rate: 21 SCFM / 600 Nl/min 60 SCFM / 1700 Nl/min
Max Working Pressure: 150 psi / 10.3 bar 50 psi / 10.3 bar
Operating Voltage: 12/24 (9-36) VDC 12/24 (9-36) VDC
Current Draw, Heaters Off <1.0 A <1.0 A
Current Draw, Heaters On: <10.0 A, all voltages and wattages  
Heater Power: 75 W @ 12 VDC 75 W @ 12 VDC
Regenerating Air Flow: <20% of inlet air flow  
Pressure Drop: 4.1 psi / .28 bar 5.1 psi / .35 bar
Drying Media: Activated alumina  
Package Configuration Includes integrated filtratio and control unit  
Height: 16.84” / 429 mm 18.02” / 458 mm
Width: 12.48” / 317 mm 13.68” / 347 mm
Depth: 8.74” / 222 mm 11.71”/ 297 mm       
Weight (with and w/o Bracket): 43#/35# / 19.5 kg/15.9 kg 51#/45# / 23.1 kg/20.4 kg
Maintenance: Annual filte element changes.  Three (3) year desiccant change. Available with unloader valve.  
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