A comprehensive portfolio of test tools, digital multimeters, current clamps, device and installation testers, power analyzers, and more...


  • Equipment Testers: PAT testers for quick and user-friendly testing of electrical work equipment.
  • Installation Testers: for inspecting electrical installations.
  • Solar PV Installation Testers: for testing and checking the safety and efficiency of PV installations.
  • Test Tools: handy measuring solutions for measuring and demonstrating voltage and current.
  • Digital Multimeters: a robust series of multimeters for commercial, intensive use.
  • Current Clamps: ergonomic compact clamp meters and adapters.
  • Environmeters: measures various environmental values such as light, temperature and thermographic hot spots.
  • Accessories: various accessories for our line of test and measuring equipment solutions.
  • Calibration Services: we have a professional service department offering brand-independent calibration of equipment.


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