Operations Performance Management

We work with our customers to turn data into insights to increase revenue and margin by optimizing the performance, yield and throughout

Quick Statistic: 74% of mining executives say digitalization has the biggest impact in improving Productivity Leverage Operations Performance

Management to improve $/ton yield, ore recovery and reduce waste. Improve yields and increase revenue and margins by optimizing the performance and throughput of your mining lines and fleet.

Wabtec’s Operations Performance Management is a complete on-premises control-to-cloud analytics solution designed to manage mining process variability and predict and improve product quality. Simply put, OPM optimizes the performance and throughput of your manufacturing lines and plants at the process level, reducing waste and cost, while increasing yield, quality, and efficiency.

OPM delivers real-time visibility and insights into operations performance metrics to identify and solve performance issues faster. Using machine learning and the latest in analytics, OPM delivers on the promise of continuous process improvement at the line, plant and enterprise scale.



The power of 1% with Operations Performance Management


Manage Process Variability

Manage raw material and process unit variability resulting in better ore grade, asset utilization and improved margins.


Reduce Waste

Drive cost savings to the bottom line through mining material, equipment and mining process optimization.


Process Improvement Actions

Use OPM analytics to support your Kaizen, 6 Sigma and lean programs to perform root-cause analysis.


Best Practice Collaboration

Use local process optimization as best practices to implement and manage mining fleet with multi-line, multi-site organizations.


Lower total cost of ownership

Reduce time delivered via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, providing flexibility and access to mining insights where it matters- with edge, cloud and hybrid configurations.


Faster time-to-value

Realize sustainable value faster with an enterprise scale operations performance management.



Operations Performance Management Benefits

Meet your operational financial goals

performance icon
10% increase in throughput at a refinery
money icon
10% reduction in plant startup fuel usage
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2.5% Reduction in Power Usage
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3.3% increase in material processing efficiency
Success Stories

Our customers are behind the most forward-looking progress in Mining.

South 32 Cerro Matoso uses Wabtec’s Digital Mine for Process Control Improvements

An open-pit ferronickel mine in, South America, was seeking support on an effective strategy to improve their critical processes while optimizing their overall productions levels. South 32 Cerro Matoso uses Wabtec’s Digital Mine for Process Control Improvements to show a total benefit of $8.0M in yearly Production Benefits.

Lonmin increases smelter throughput by 10% while improving recovery

Operations Performance Management was initially implemented at the filter and drying section of the Lonmin smelter operation to help remove bottlenecks and increase efficiency. Results were so positive that the solution was expanded to include several other sections in the smelter, and it was further expanded to include monitoring of the control systems.

OPM Product Details

Operations Performance Management Operational Intelligence

OPM Operational Intelligence: Increase operational efficiencies by monitoring and identifying anomalies and deviations in process material and process unit KPI.

Operational Intelligence

OPM Operational Intelligence
Operational Intelligence, one of the three OPM applications, helps miners increase operating efficiencies by automatically identifying and discovering causes of anomalies and deviations in business KPIs.

This is enabled by access to real-time time series data, process-performance indicators, and the latest in descriptive and diagnostic analytics. Real-time visibility to operations issues, like out of spec control loop performance, enables process engineers to quickly identify and address issues early, maximizing production and profits.

Key Benefits:

  • Visualize process performance
  • Automated insights
  • Process Engineering Collaboration

Key Features:

  • Benchmarked operational KPI’s
  • Process Troubleshooter
  • Case Collaboration


Operations Performance Management Forecasting & What-if Analysis

Forecast What If

OPM Forecasting & What-if Analysis: Use scenario analysis and prescriptive Process Digital Twins of mining operations and production processes to reduce waste and increase yields.

OPM Forecast & What-if Analysis

OPM Forecasting & What-if Analysis enables process engineers to understand and proactively resolve mining process issues, thereby planning for better operating outcomes. Predictive process digital twins and analytics, coupled with what-if scenario analysis, forecast operating results to predict process issues before problems occur. By quickly addressing process anomalies, OPM Forecasting & What-if Analysis, provides the information and tools to predict and optimize product quality to increase yields.

Key Benefits:

  • Operationalize process digital twins
  • Forecast operational KPI performance
  • Proactive decision making

Key Features:

  • Process Digital Twins
  • Forecast KPI Performance
  • Scenario Analysis


Operations Performance Management Production and Process Optimization

OPM Production and Process Optimization: Delivers continuous process optimization either guided or completely automated, assuring product quality, reduced waste and process improvement

Process Optimization

OPM Production and Process Optimization

OPM Production and Process Optimization enables Process Engineers to be more efficient and effective by deploying cloud to edge optimizers for either closed loop, automated edge process setpoint optimization, or open loop guided operations decision support and action recommendations to operations personnel. OPM Production and Process Optimization uses Prescriptive Analytics to enable operations personnel to ensure consistent, optimal operations performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Cloud to Edge optimization
  • Continuous Process optimization
  • Deploy best practices across the mining fleet

Key Features:  

  • Guided Decision Support KPI Optimizers
  • Closed Loop Automated Edge KPI Optimizers
  • Operationalize and scale analytics


Proficy CSENSE

Proficy CSense: On Prem industrial analytics software that optimizes asset and process performance

Proficy CSENSE

Proficy CSense

Proficy CSense uses AI and machine learning to enable process engineers to combine data across industrial data sources and rapidly identify problems, discover root causes, and automate actions to continuously improve Quality, Utilization, Productivity, and Delivery of production operations.

As proven analytics software, Proficy CSense has helped mining organizations around the world reduce costs by turning  raw data into rapid business value. Engineers and data scientists can analyze, troubleshoot, predict, and optimize asset and process performance in real time.

Additionally, Proficy CSense provides the capability to mine insight from historical data and rapidly develop, test, and deploy simple calculations, predictive analytics, and optimization and control solutions to reduce variability and optimize.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce process variability
  • Speed troubleshooting
  • Increase engineering productivity
  • Decrease downtime
  • Optimize with a process twin
  • Improve data integrity

Key Features:

  • Mine new insight from data
  • Rapidly develop analytics solutions
  • Speed deployment through greater efficiency
  • Enhance engineering productivity
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