Freight Car Component Reconditioning Services
Freight Car Component Reconditioning Services

Wabtec’s reputation for developing advanced equipment for freight cars is unsurpassed. No other supplier has more experience or has made more distinguished contributions in this sensitive, complex, and strategic area. Our global network of service facilities provides component reconditioning for:

Control Valves

  • Upgrades - Stabilization, Leakage & Vibration Protection

AB Related Equipment

  • Angle Cocks, End Cocks, Dirt Collectors, Retaining Valves
  • Vent Valves (#8, VX, KM2)
  • Empty and Load Valves (P-1, S-1, SC-1U, ELX, L-1)
  • Brake Cylinders, Piston Assemblies
  • Freight Car Air Test Devices

Other Components

  • Draft Gear (Mark series, Crown and TF-880)
  • Truck Mounted Brakes (WabcoPAC, TMX & UBX)
  • Slack Adjusters
  • End of Car Cushioning (FMI, KRE, AHO)
  • Wheel Chocks


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