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Fully & quickly customizable, preserving TOM safety SIL certification

The variety of TOM products makes for easy vehicle integration with LVR, metro, mass transit or mainline trains. Most specific project requirements can be easily implemented using the unique safe-configuration capabilities of TOM.

Today, train operation has become increasingly complex. Safety remains the top priority, resulting in a greater need to verify driver and on-board system behaviors, and demand for increased reliability and availability in rail transportation is reaching new heights. At the same time, costs need to be optimized without sacrificing safety – a constant challenge.

Safety: a continuous process

Improving train operation safety is a continuous process that affects the entire railway system and its organization. To keep pace with technology, operating systems once thought to be at the leading edge now need to be replaced and/or upgraded—or risk becoming obsolete. At the same time, optimizing costs is a must. To meet these challenges, you require flexible and modular solutions to help you improve train operation safety and correctly interface with new signaling systems.   

Improving safety & preventing accidents

Wabtec provides industry-leading driving aid and recording systems to all types of rail: high-speed, light-rail, and regional trains, locomotives, and metros. Our solutions and products focus on ensuring safe train operation, and preventing incidents and accidents. Our product portfolio includes the following:

  • Driving aid: Our products assist the driver to ensure safer train operation. This includes door-locking automation when the train reaches a specific speed and automatic displays of the train speed. Wabtec products also monitor driver behavior: for example, detecting a lack of driver activity.  
  • Recording: Our devices record driver and on-board systems behavior to verify that train operation complies with standard operating rules. This service includes data analytics and post-incident analysis and evaluation.

Take complete control over TOM

Wabtec’s TOM Builder Suite allows your system engineers to easily and securely build safety functions in TOM while keeping TOM safety certification. No software expertise is needed

More information on TOM Builder Suite

Ensuring safety since 1872

Wabtec is an international manufacturer and supplier of on-board railway equipment and systems. Train-operation safety has always been a part of our strategy. Today, our electronics play an important role in ensuring the safety of braking, door, and train-operation systems. By choosing Wabtec, you can benefit from:

  • Our +40 years of experience supplying robust and reliable high-tech electronics—including delivery of +20,000 event recorders—that ensure the safety of your on-board systems behavior
  • Our focus on enhanced safety—as evidenced by our SIL4 Triple Odometry solution that includes Doppler radars and wheel-speed sensors—that provides the latest protection-system technology for your train
  • Our technical expertise in complex-systems interfacing that enables you to ensure your signaling device conforms to the standards of leading European signaling systems   
  • Our advanced data-analysis tools that help you perform automatic analyses to verify driver behavior
  • Our global presence—including Wabtec manufacturing facilities in more than 30 countries—that offers you the proximity you need

Wabtec’s TOM Builder Suite

Wabtec’s TOM Builder Suite ensures safe operation of customized applications using XML description of train applications.

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Time & cost savings
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Independence & flexibility
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Configuration by your own system engineers
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Preserve TOM safety certification
Product Details

How TOM Builder Suite Works

TOM driving-aid functions can be put in place quickly, maintaining product safety integrity level certification SIL 2. TOM Builder Suite is based on a block-configuration model.

block configuration model
Function Blocks

System engineers can easily build safety functions using elementary generic blocks or predefined blocks, including: Speed measurement, motion detection monitoring, speedometer output, speed thresholds, overspeed protection, rollback protection, standstill monitoring, driver vigilance monitoring, and platform clearance zone detection.

Illustration TOM Builder Suite
Configuration process

System engineers can easily design the safety functions and recording in TOM using any advanced XML editor. TOM Builder Suite generates two packages from the XML definition and configuration file. One is loaded on TOM, the other is used by SAM, software program design by Wabtec that analyzes the data stored on TOM recorders.

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