Hump Yard Planner
Hump Yard Planner

Classification yard optimization is at the heart of every rail operation. Even more than capacity, yard functionality determines departure performance, car dwell time and everyday operational efficiencies.

Whether you are operating a Hump Yard or Flat Yard, following Precision Scheduled Railroad principles or more traditional operations, Classification Yard Planner is the future of digital yard operations. The system empowers the movement of goods by rail through the creation of a shared analysis and decision platform that connects and unites each yard with the broader network objectives. An advanced software solution designed to help you make the best decisions around asset use and resource working sequences, Classification Yard Planner allows you to visualize and monitor yard state and automatically plan yard activities, so you can get cars connected and out of the yard faster and avoid idle assets.


  • Improve car connections 10%+
  • Reduce rework 10%+
  • Decrease car dwell 5%+
  • Reduce administrative and planning effort 44%+

Core Capabilities

  • Generate a yard-level car-processing plan with a detailed schedule for the movement and processing of every car
  • Visualize current car inventory, activities, inbound and outbound schedule
  • Predict yard capacity / performance in the planning horizon

Differentiating Features

  • Comprehensive yard-planning suite
  • Inbound train termination, car humping, car sorting and outbound train building
  • Intuitive way in viewing yard status, yard plan and KPIs
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