RailwayNet Positive Train Control Communication Solution

PTC reporting and data analytics for short line and passenger rail.

Interoperable messaging that meets all mandate requirements.

RailwayNet Positive Train Control Communication Solution is a mandate-compliant, fully managed, cost-effective solution that offers reliable, tailored, and scalable PTC messaging. Utilizing VHF, cellular, Wi-Fi and MPLS, RailwayNet PTC delivers initialization messages, crew and consist information, and health and status monitoring. From design and testing to implementation and maintenance, it’s developed to be headache-free, so railroads can focus on operations while we deliver a mandate-compliant, secure, tailored Positive Train Control (PTC) messaging solution that reduces the need to hire and train new personnel. 

Key Features

Hosted Solution includes:

  • Connectivity into the Interoperable Train Control Federated Network that supports PTC messaging.
  • Full PTC messaging functionality
  • Back-office services
  • Staffed network operations center and backups
  • Comprehensive configuration management
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring and support
  • Cyber security operations center
  • Custom PTC test labs
  • Rail integration server

Tailored data reporting and analytics

  • The newest RailwayNet PTC enhancement offers improved reporting and data analytics capabilities. This enables railroads to identify patterns, as well as gain insights driven by our business intelligence capabilities to enhance preventive maintenance.

Reliable and secure data storage

  • With RailwayNet PTC, railroads have the ability to pull reports and status on connectivity and field activities. The Self-service Tool for RailwayNet PTC Onboard Locomotive Reporting (STROLR) is an operational management tool that stores PTC information in a data warehouse. All data is automatically encrypted using AES 256 strong encryption. The data warehouse makes use of Amazon Web Services and Snowflake’s analytic capabilities, which enables access to the necessary PTC message data at its source and stores it in an easily accessible and configurable location.
RailwayNet Positive Train Control Communication Solution


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