Wabtec Emissions Solution
Wabtec Emissions Solution

Our Emission Solutions include hardware and software upgrade kits that are applied during an overhaul event to allow the locomotive to meet higher emissions standards than when the locomotive was originally placed into service. Typically, kits include engine overhaul with upgraded emissions components, cooling system components, and corresponding software upgrades. In addition, we maintain emissions compliance documentation and provide ongoing support for emissions  credits regulatory compliance.


  • Achieve 100% Emissions compliance per required regulatory  tandards globally, e.g. EPA 1033, T0+, T1+, T2+ etc.


  • Engine components
  • Cooling system components
  • Locomotive software
  • Documentation and Support for Regulatory Compliance
  • Emissions credits


  • Dash 8, Dash 9, AC4400, EVO Series
  • FDL and EVO Platforms
  • AC and DC Power
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Emissions Solutions

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