Wabtec and CSX Extend Deal to Modernize over 200 Locomotives

Wabtec and CSX Extend Deal to Modernize over 200 Locomotives

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 13, 2024 — Wabtec Corp. (NYSE: WAB) and CSX Corp. (NASDAQ: CSX) signed a deal for over 200 locomotive modernizations featuring a suite of digital solutions, innovations, and services. The agreement will transform the remaining AC4400 locomotives in CSX’s fleet providing improved fuel efficiency, reliability, utilization, and tractive effort.

“This modernization order is part of our commitment to deliver excellence for our customers, shareholders, employees, and communities,” said Mike Cory, CSX executive vice president and chief operating officer. “Wabtec’s modernization program enables us to maximize the capabilities of our existing fleet. The upgrades will improve asset reliability allowing us to move more freight with fewer locomotives, which also will help reduce our carbon emissions footprint.”

CSX’s fleet modernization effort is part of the railroad’s expanded use of innovative fuel-saving locomotive technologies and supplier engagement to achieve its sustainability goals. This order will continue upgrading the AC4400 locomotives in CSX’s fleet delivering enhanced operational performance and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

“The modernizations will enable CSX to maximize the value of its existing AC4400 fleet,” said Gina Trombley, Wabtec executive vice president of sales and marketing, and chief commercial officer – Americas. “By installing state-of-the-art technology on these locomotives, we are helping to improve locomotive performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability, while also reducing on-going maintenance costs. This modernized fleet is well-positioned to support CSX’s long-term sustainability and service goals.”

CSX’s over 200 modernized locomotives will feature a suite of Wabtec hardware innovations, such as the FDL Advantage (FDLA) engine upgrade, and digital solutions, like LOCOTROL® Expanded Architecture (LXA). Those technologies will work to enable the locomotives to deliver up to 8% fuel savings and carbon reduction. The modernizations will strive to provide approximately 170 tons of carbon reduction per locomotive per year. It is Wabtec’s goal for CSX’s total order to realize approximately 35,000 tons in annual carbon reductions. Achieving those reductions would be the equivalent of removing emissions from nearly 8,000 passenger cars per year.

Additionally, the modernizations will extend the locomotives’ lives for several more years. It also will target to provide an increase in reliability by up to 35% and tractive effort by up to 14%. CSX’s AC4400 fleet will have greater availability and increased capabilities at reduced operating costs.

Wabtec will do the modernization work at its locomotive plants in the United States from 2024 - 2028. The contract is in addition to the 260 modernizations that CSX previously ordered, the majority of which have already been delivered.

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Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) is revolutionizing the way the world moves for future generations. The company is a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions and value-added services for the freight and transit rail industries, as well as the mining, marine and industrial markets. Wabtec has been a leader in the rail industry for over 150 years and is the worldwide leader in the decarbonization of freight rail. Visit Wabtec’s website at www.wabteccorp.com.


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