Wabtec Secures Systems and Software Deal with ARTC to Support the Interoperability of Australia’s National Rail Network

Wabtec Secures Systems and Software Deal with ARTC to Support the Interoperability of Australia’s National Rail Network

PITTSBURGH, April 17, 2024 – Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) announced today a digital solutions agreement with Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC). The two companies will collaborate on developing one of the few approaches being considered to address interoperability of rail systems in Australia.

The company will investigate the capabilities of ARTC’s Advanced Train Management System (ATMS) solution. Wabtec will develop the interoperability standard between ATMS and European Rail Traffic Management System (ETCS) Level 2. ARTC and Wabtec will work together with the relevant stakeholders to outline the concept of operations and define the standards to realize the interoperability solution.

“ARTC recognizes the complex challenge of solving interoperability, and we are pursuing multiple pathways to find a feasible solution that will help to make rail safer and more competitive across Australia. We are excited to partner with Wabtec to actively pursue one of the options,” said Wayne Johnson, CEO and Managing Director of ARTC. “Wabtec was selected to support this project as a rail industry leader with a proven track record of implementing a safety critical train control solution for the entire freight network in the United States spanning over 100,000kms and 21,000+ locomotives.  The Australian Government recognizes the importance of rail interoperability as a priority, and we will continue to work with government and other key stakeholders to deliver systems and software solutions that enhance the nation’s rail system.”

“This project will be a key building block that enables ARTC to transform Australia’s freight rail network,” said Nalin Jain, President of Digital Intelligence at Wabtec. The proposed solution will provide software, systems, and services for ARTC to unlock productivity, advance sustainability, and enhance the safety of ARTC’s operations network spanning approximately 8,500km. 

“Furthermore, the system’s interoperability provides the option of integrating with locomotive digital solutions like the energy management and scheduling optimization technologies that Australian railroads use in their operations.”

Wendy McMillan, Wabtec’s Senior Regional Vice President, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, added: “ARTC is taking a progressive and innovative approach with its ATMS to advance Australia’s freight rail industry. With Wabtec’s robust expertise and portfolio of digital technologies, ARTC will further explore the capabilities of the ATMS as an option, which will benefit the entire country’s supply chain.”

ATMS is part of the next generation of train management and safe working systems using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and public cellular networks to connect track infrastructure, locomotives, and network control. It enables autonomous train-based location determination, authority and speed supervision, and increased driver situational awareness.

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