Activair Pneumatic Differential Engine

Bus Door Actuators - Activair Pneumatic Differential Engine
Bus Door Actuators - Activair Pneumatic Differential Engine

Same as Pneumatic Differential Engine with quicker, easier door speed adjustment knobs and solid-state proximity switches.

Most Vapor bus door actuators are delivered as baseplate assemblies. The baseplate combines the pneumatic engine, linkage, and door suspension into a single pre-assembled unit that mounts directly to the bus structure above the door opening. The baseplate assemblies incorporate a linkage that converts rotary motion from the actuator to linear motion of the linkage rod and back to rotary motion of the door shaft.

  • Easy-to-use door speed adjustment knobs
  • Cushioning onset knob to set precise door open speed - prevents slamming
  • Requires air supply pressure between 90 and 120 psi
  • Solid-state, non-contact proximity switches
  • Optional mechanical lock
  • Maximum velocity and minimum force in the mid-point of its range of motion
  • Maximum force and minimum speed at the extremes of its motion

For front or rear door applications
Exceeds all North American requirements


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