Dual Linear Door Actuator

Dual Linear Door Actuator
Dual Linear Door Actuator

Next generation, low-profile, high-efficiency actuators and advanced controls.

 Our dual linear door actuator features two independent, high-efficiency motors for precise door motion and smooth, quiet and reliable operation.

  • Can be independently operated to control passenger flow and minimize conditioned air loss
  • Enhanced door obstruction sensing for passenger safety
  • For front or rear door applications
  • Exceeds all North American requirements
  • High-efficiency electric-drive system
  • Programmable door open/close speeds
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install
  • Smart vDec™ electronic controller provides obstruction sensing, advanced event logging, precise door open and close speeds, communication and diagnostic capabilities
  • Electric or pneumatic sensitive edges available
  • For transit and shuttle buses, and autonomous vehicles
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