Type 10 Automatic Coupler

Transit Rail Coupler - Type 10
Transit Rail Coupler - Type 10

The Type 10 Automatic Coupler Latch is designed for mainline applications with TSI conformity. The coupler head consists of ADI800 high- strength casting. It is optimized for service in extreme winter conditions.

Intelligent heating system

  • Maximum power output > 1000 W by heating mats and heating cartridges
  • Demand-optimized heating by intelligent control
  • Consideration of the outside temperature, coupler head temperature and e-coupler temperature

Compact electric coupler design

  • 33,000 tested coupling cycles
  • Easy maintenance by fast interchangeability of connectors
  • Optimal availability of the standard modules
  • Cat 5 Ethernet transmission via standard modules
  • Easy customization by free contact configuration
  • Weight optimized
  • Space saving design with internal drive
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