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Energy and traction control solutions

Highly innovative accurate measuring technology for high voltage & current measurement and global to detail energy calculation on board.

CatEnergy Energy and Traction Control

The international railway markets demand focus on minimizing carbon footprints. Diminishing natural resources, raising energy costs, protection of the environment, de-regulation of train network traffic requires responsible and pro-active developments in the railway business.

At the same time new trains require more integrated solutions to simplify the design, to save place and weight.

Since several years, the metering on board is the essential step to go forward with Energy Efficiency and billing, resource and money saving.

CatEnergy is range of solution for energy measurement and traction control management, both for new built and retrofit railway application. 

We developed a complete range of modular and scalable solution from essential train function to global energy management.

With accurate global measurement and energy calculation, integrated solution for train functions, detail consumption measurement and communication and added value ground server for data management, Wabtec is a complete solution to car builders, operators and infrastructure managers. Wabtec is recognized as a key brand for product and system compliant with the most stringent applicable standard.


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