Protection Relays

Protection relays for stand-alone

For traction equipment and infrastructure

Wabtec maintenance and supply free protection relays offer stand-alone current and voltage monitoring for traction equipment as well as infrastructure. They are used for applications like voltage catenary, short circuit, overload and ground fault detection in traction power electronics or railway substations.

Basic functions:

  • Minimum voltage relays
  • Maximum voltage relays
  • Differential voltage relays
  • Minimum current relays
  • Maximum current relays
  • Differential current relays
  • Interval voltage relays
  • Frequency protection relays
  • Phase sequence relays


  • High galvanic separation
  • No auxiliary supply needed, stand alone
  • High reliability, no maintenance due to reliable and proven electromechanical technology
  • Strong ability to withstand high overloads
  • Equipped with weld no transfer contacts for critical applications     

For On-Board applications:

  • Traction brake monitoring relay
  • Traction overcurrent relay
  • Traction isolation breakdown relay
  • Catenary min. voltage detection relay
  • Catenary max. voltage detection relay
  • Wheel slip relay
  • Insulation breakdown relay
  • Battery monitoring relay
  • Motor/alternator monitoring relay
  • Pre-load filter detection relay
  • Ground fault detection relay

For Trackside applications:

  • Directional current detection relay (reverse current detection in power distribution)
  • Catenary voltage (1500 V) detection relay
  • 3rd rail voltage detection relay
  • Substation ground fault detection relay
  • Heat tracing cable surveillance relay
  • Current overload relay (15000 A)


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