Video Management System (VMS)

VMS – Video Management System
VMS – Video Management System

Passenger security is of the utmost importance. To keep passengers safe, trains need to transmit security-related information to control centers in real time, enabling on-site and off-site teams to react quickly and efficiently.    

With Wabtec’s VMS, public transport and rail operators benefit from an efficient video-surveillance solution ranging from on-board video recording to data management. Innovative and highly configurable, VMS is purpose-built to meet your many needs:

  • Security – VMS is the best means to help you identify threats and make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Operations – VMS offers you the possibility to simplify your daily operations. Incident response times are reduced thanks to an advanced alarm-management system.
  • Maintenance – VMS provides tools to facilitate the maintenance of the CCTV fleet. System availability is optimized through periodic collection of equipment status.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduction of response time to alerts and police requests
  • Time-savings in operations and maintenance
  • Readily customizable
  • Easy to upgrade as your needs evolve

To discover everything Wabtec’s VMS can do, download:

Data Flow Management

Frequently Asked Questions

  • IP H264 Full HD cameras – Options adapted to transport vehicles: Indoor / outdoor mounting, vision angle, microphone, infrared light
  • 3 recorders of your choice – XEBRA 3 (Integrated connectivity), JetTransStore (Analog & IP cameras), Supervision (High storage capacity)
  • Connectivity – 4G connection for real time services & Wi-Fi connection for time-shifted service
  • Video alert – Viewing video sequences associated with the alarm & real-time camera access 
  • Automatic video unloading & email notification  – Search by events, time slots, geographical perimeters, vehicle fleets.
  • Advanced Video player X-TRACK – Synchronized camera display, interactive path mapping, smooth browsing, secure video exporting.
  • Customizable notifications – Combination of data, images or videos, choice of transmission channels (in real time via 4G or time-shifted via Wi-Fi), service partitioning by trade (security, operation, maintenance), reporting methods (mapping, table, email ...)
  • Use of notifications – Notification Mapping, precise filtering by events, ranges timetables, geographical perimeters, vehicle fleets
  • Remote operations – Wake-up and remote control of on-board equipment, sleep mode can be set with a battery protection.
  • Integrity system checking – Periodic verification of embedded software versions, centralized upgrade of embedded software.
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