Visibility and Planning


RailConnect Visibility and Planning benefits rail shippers, short lines, and class 1s, by providing the ability to manage inbound railcar pipeline against forecasted production needs with greater precision and efficiency.

Supply chains face a dynamic environment: new sources of competition, operational complexity, flux in global trade policy, and the need for greater levels of productivity.

And all of this is against the backdrop of an economy where expectations for delivery are becoming shorter and more exacting. Optimizing the flow of goods is all about gaining improved visibility into the supply chain and using that information to drive performance. RailConnect Visibility and Planning alleviates the complexities of the supply chain, enabling informed, real-time decision-making and bringing predictability and efficiency to freight rail.

Product Capabilities

RailConnect Visibility and Planning features drive results

RailConnect™ Visibility and Planning

Key Capabilities:

  • Real-Time Shipment Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Car Ordering
  • Billing
  • Accrued Accessorial Charges
  • Work Order Automation with Serving Railroad
  • Operational KPI Metrics 
  • Dynamic ETAs/ETIs *coming soon
  • Dynamic Forecasting *coming soon

Propel your railroad to new levels

RailConnect Transportation Management delivers outcomes that can propel your railroad to new levels of operational and commercial excellence

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View inbound railcar pipeline – up to 30 days in advance

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Align rail logistics to production needs

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Reduce time spent searching for information through one comprehensive information source that connects short lines, class 1s, and shippers

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Planning and automation

Optimize rail car execution through integrated workload planning and work-order automation tools

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