Transportation Management

RailConnect provides the most comprehensive suite of transportation and revenue management solutions for rail operators and shippers. 

Increase efficiency and productivity. Improve revenue recognition. And optimize service levels.

As a core operations and communications system, RailConnect Transportation Management automates and tracks car movements and switching operations, provides visibility to rail assets, and empowers workers to better plan work-flow, generate work orders, measure performance, and improve customer service.


Quick Facts:

  • 9 million+ carloads/year​
  • 1,484 interchanges with Class I railroads​
  • 500+ railroads

Propel your railroad to new levels of operational and commercial excellence.​

Wabtec Corporation
Productivity & Efficiency

Automates all aspects of train and switching operations. Automates billing and invoicing. Drives bottom line productivity by reducing manual work and data entry.

Wabtec Corporation
Increases Visbility

Increases visibility of railcars anywhere on the railroad by type and status.

Wabtec Corporation
Revenue Recognition

Optimizes revenue management. Streamlines monthly accounting practices and provides complete revenue protection and assurance.

Wabtec Corporation
Improve Railroad Performance

Increase volume and velocity; reduce dwell.

Wabtec Corporation

Directly connects with industry standard EDI transaction sets. Provides seamless integration with AAR Data Exchanges.

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