Boost productivity by putting the power of RailConnect TMS directly into the hands of train crew. 

Enable train crews to report train and railcar movements from the field in real time. Manage all aspects of your yard and train management. Perform actions using a user-friendly interface with business intelligence behind it. 

RailConnect mCrew is a mobile reporting tool, integrated with RailConnect TMS, that enables train crews to execute their work in a digital application. Train arrivals, departures, customer placements and pulls can be quickly and easily entered into TMS directly from mCrew.

Product Capabilities

Realize the power of mCrew

RailConnect mCrew

Key Capabilities:

  • Crew Capture: Train crew able to update work in real time via mobile device from the field.
  • Yard Management: Track to track, station to station movements.
  • Train Management: Enables crews to report arrival/departure, pickups/set-outs.
  • Real Time:  Updates work orders with work performed en route in real time.  
  • Offline/Online:  Allows train crews to work outside of network coverage and auto-syncs when within coverage.
  • Work List Management: Enables crews to manage subset of cars within yard or in multiple yards 

Realize the power of RailConnect mCrew

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Maximize productivity

Maximize crew productivity through process automation

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Streamline reporting

Streamline reporting through direct inputs from the field

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Reduce manual processing

Reduce manual processing and human error through standardized templates and validation

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