Extruded Rubber Marine Fenders V-Series Arch Fenders
Extruded Rubber Marine Fenders V-Series Arch Fenders

Protects large harbor structures; used with timber to achieve the maximum cushioning effect

Used with timber to achieve the maximum cushioning effect. The timbers serve to distribute the load over a wider area, while the fenders absorb energy and minimize reactions to the structure.

Wabtec's arch design is engineered to take advantage of the elasticity inherent in rubber. Compared to other section profiles of the same size, arch fenders will absorb a greater amount of energy and allow less of a reaction load to reach the structure.

Wabtec arch fenders are easy to install and require virtually no maintenance. They are used in combination with conventional wood facings in a system where the timbering spreads the load over a wider area and a greater number of fender segments. This reduces load concentrations and increases the protection for the structure.

Fastened top-to-top and installed between timbered surfaces, they provide an even greater cushioning effect. As a result, dock design requirements (and costs) can be reduced, or larger and heavier vessels can be accommodated.

Other advantages include:

  • Mounting hardware is fully exposed; the water drains off
  • Fender is mechanically attached to mounting hardware
  • All mounting hardware is stainless steel or treated for corrosion resistance
  • Mounting hardware components or rubber fender can be replaced separately if damaged
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