Marine Fenders

Extruded rubber fenders for harbor structures & vessels

Wabtec marine fenders are found in applications ranging from piers, docks, dolphins and other harbor structures, to tugs, barges, ferries and similar hard working vessels subject to frequent and severe impact.

Our marine fenders are available in a range of rubber compounds to meet the most demanding service conditions. We supply products that provide increased resistance to oil, chemicals, weather, ozone, severe loads, grinding impacts and temperature extremes.

  • Effective Absorption of High Energy Impacts
  • Low Cost Installation & Mainentance
  • Environmentally Tailored Compounds
  • Load-Energy Curves
Extruded Rubber Marine Fenders - Cylindrical
Cylindrical Fenders

For use where tidal conditions exist and flexible mounting is needed

Extruded Marine Fenders - Rectangular
Rectangular Fenders

Used on tugs & harbor structures where rigid mounting is desired and tidal conditions do not exist

Extruded Rubber Marine Fenders - D-Shape & Wing Type
Wing Type & D-Shaped Fenders

For use on tugs, barges and other harbor vessels

Extruded Rubber Marine Fenders - Trapezoidal
Trapezoidal Fenders

Used with or without timber facing where the dock structure or the vessel is unable to withstand large reaction loads

Extruded Rubber Marine Fenders V-Series Arch Fenders
V-Series Arch Fenders

Protects large harbor structures; used with timber to achieve the maximum cushioning effect

Extruded Rubber Marine Fenders - M-Series
M-Series Fenders

Protects smaller vessel dock structures; used with timber to achieve the maximum cushioning effect

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