Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy Efficiency Solutions help operators manage and optimize the fleet’s HVAC electricity consumption

  • Our patented RegenAir® allows synchronization of the HVAC function with the train operation phases (acceleration or braking) to benefit from the regenerative braking energy at disposal. When braking, the energy that would otherwise have been wasted is reused for heating and cooling. This creates energy savings of up to 20% of HVAC consumption for heating.
  • OptimizAir® is a power converter located directly at the heart of the HVAC. This integrated design has positive impacts on the LCC (by reducing the number of starts/stops) and saves up to 15% of the HVAC electricity consumption via an optimized frequency adjustment. HVAC reliability is also improved as the need of inrush torque and current to drive the compressors and fans is reduced. Finally, maintenance is eased as there is only one block instead of two previously.
  • In winter, our ReversAir® heat pump makes considerable energy savings from 25% to 45% and improves safety. Combined with OptimizAir®, its capacity is adjusted depending on the external thermal conditions while providing a good level of passenger comfort
  • FreshAir® is equipped with CO2 sensors that regulate the quantity of air delivered depending on the number of passengers. It saves up to 30% of the HVAC consumption while ensuring air quality
  • EcoPark® is a plug-and-play patented device allowing railway operators to modulate any HVAC intensity (heating or cooling) at standstill. It automatically introduces a predefined offset to the temperature operating point of the HVAC, thus reducing consumption when it is not required. This process saves up to 20% of HVAC consumption while ensuring train availability at all time.
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