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HVAC systems are essential for passenger comfort, which is why Wabtec has developed an extensive range of innovative HVAC solutions to please travelers and drivers alike

Wabtec provides sophisticated HVAC systems worldwide. Our agility and more than 70 years’ experience on every continent allow us to create tailor-made solutions for each client.

For all train segments - light-rails, high speeds, mainlines and metros - for all types of climates - tropical, dry, mild, continental, and polar – Wabtec has a solution that fits your needs.


Why choose Wabtec for your HVAC solutions:

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Lifecycle cost

Thanks to the largest installed base in the industry, Wabtec is able to provide its customers with HVAC systems that deliver the best lifecycle costs

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Whatever the external conditions and train type, Wabtec can develop customized solutions to match your exact needs

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Protect the environment

From natural refrigerant, to leakage detection systems and purifying filters, Wabtec has developed a range of solutions to meet the environmental challenges of today

Success Stories

Pride in our customers’ success

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We take pride in our customers’ success

In most projects, we face the unexpected technical requests of our customers. To master these situations, Wabtec stepped forward and led the issues technically in parallel with cost negotiations. Wabtec never stopped or waited. Wabtec’s prompt support helped us resolve issues we faced together. Wabtec is not only strong in technology but also good at issue managing.

- WooJeong Lee / Technical Leader / Hyundai Rotem

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