Power Advisor│Wabtec Corporation
Power Advisor│Wabtec Corporation
Optimize assets and pick the best performing locomotive for the job.

Railroad transportation desks have to make thousands of daily locomotive assignment decisions with limited time and visibility to a locomotive’s capability to complete the mission. The stakes are high. Power Advisor can increase the odds.

Power Advisor is a real-time locomotive decision support tool designed to deliver locomotive health insights that enable power planners and dispatchers to improve utilization and mission success outcomes for high priority trains by making smarter, faster power assignment decisions. With Power Advisor, customers have an advantage by knowing the performance capacity of each locomotive before selecting it for a its mission.​

Key Capabilities:​

  • Cloud-based portal to monitor locomotive fleet​
  • Graphical map displays locomotive GPS to forecast inbound and outbound power by territory
  • Custom integration with in-house power assignment systems available​
  • Advanced analytics monitor critical subsystems linked to optimal train performance
  • Asset Performance Index scores a locomotives based on asset condition risk​
  • Compare health performance trends for multiple locomotives across a fleet to identify the highest performing locomotives​
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