Truck Systems

With more than 25 years of successful service history, Wabtec is a leading provider of freight car stabilization systems and related components.

Complete stabilization & suspension systems designed to optimize performance and minimize component wear. 

Barber® Side Frames & Bolsters
Side Frames & Bolsters

Industry leading Barber® truck stabilization components

Freight Car Wheels & Axles
Wheels & Axles

Manufactured to AAR standards

Freight Car Load & Side Springs

AAR standard load and side springs for all types of truck suspension systems

Barber S2-86® Radial Bearing Adapter & Shear Pad
Bearing Adapters & Shear Pads

Barber S2-86® Radial Adapter primary suspension system

Barber® Friction Wedges
Friction Wedges

Designed to provide optimum damping and wear performance in the rugged freight rail environment

SBX Type Constant Contact Side Bearings
Constant Contact Side Bearings

Long travel side bearings designed to improve truck stability and curving performance

Freight Car Wear Prevention Components
Wear Prevention

A comprehensive line of polymer & steel wear protectors designed to protect your investment

Freight Car Center Plates
Center Plates

Drop-in low profile & separable center plates

Other Truck Systems Components
Other Components

Other miscellaneous truck system components

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