Generator, Motor & Transformer Coolers

Industry leading cooling & pump solutions for use in large power generation & distribution applications

The hottest name in cooling for large electrical power equipment.

Wabtec ForZair™ Transformer Oil Coolers
ForZair™ Transformer Oil Coolers

Forced air, forced oil transformer cooler designs pre-engineered to uniform standards

Water Cooled Transformer Oil Cooler - ONW Type
Water Cooled Transformer Oil Coolers

Shell & tube external, large capacity water operated transformer cooler systems

Generator Coolers
Generator Coolers

A wide range of cooling solutions including hydrogen, air, stator water, lube oil, bearing oil & exciter generator coolers

Marine Motor Coolers
Motor Coolers

A wide range of removable cover plate generator coolers, motor coolers & marine coolers with optional leak detector feature

Transformer Oil Pumps & Valves
Transformer Oil Pumps & Valves

Centrifugal & axial flow transformer oil pumps, valves & related components

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