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EPA Tier 4 Compliant Medium-Speed Diesel Engines for Power Generation

No urea. No kidding.

Our 250SDC  EPA Tier 4 emissions compliant diesel engines offer continuous, prime and emergency standby power worldwide. The stand-alone power generation engines contain all necessary (on engine) equipment and operate in all power generation modes.

  • Available in both inline and V models.
  • Delivers a continuous power range from 1,560 bkW to 4,230 bkW (2,091 bhp to 5,670 bhp). 
  • The engines are based on a rugged one-piece iron casting mainframe for excellent vibration dampening characteristics and long-term stability to minimize bore distortion. 
  • Our easy to service unitized cylinder assembly concept enables quick change outs for increased engine uptime.
Quick Facts
  • The 250SDC engines can be configured for 50 and 60 Hz applications
  • Available in 6, 8, 12, and 16 cylinder models
  • 99% availability in continuous applications
  • Narrow footprint allows ease of maintenance and packaging advantage
  • Extended oil change intervals of 2,000+ operating hours, depending on duty cycle and oil condition monitoring
  • Impressive durability with no planned major overhauls for up to 60,000 hours, depending on duty cycle and fuel burn
  • Proven emissions reduction technology with over 31 million operating hours and certified to meet US EPA Tier 4 emissions standard
  • No urea required to meet emissions standard
  • EGR technology, high pressure common rail fuel injection, two-stage turbocharging arrangement with intercooling and aftercooling and advanced combustion controls
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Stationary Power Diesel Engines

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