Braking Systems

Game-changing innovation in brakes

We supply rail customers throughout the world with the safest, most reliable and cost-effective braking systems and components.

Our advanced brake technology is helping deliver tomorrow’s sustainable, efficient platforms for metro, regional and high-speed trains.

Rail operators and car builders are looking for safe, smart and light brake systems that cut total cost of ownership and improve energy efficiency, performance and reliability. Wabtec leverages its historic experience and global expertise to develop the most advanced, versatile and green systems on the market.

We offer a comprehensive range of innovative and proven brake products for metro, regional and high-speed trains. These include ultra-light, integrated brake control platforms for both metro (Metroflexx) and mainline (Regioflexx).

By investing in innovation, we are supporting our clients to achieve their objectives in sustainability, digitization and total cost of ownership. We are reducing the weight and size of components to improve energy efficiency and helping improve air quality by reducing dust produced by friction elements. Our connected solutions are lowering installation and maintenance costs while improving safety.

Air Generation & Treatment - Buran 10 & 20 Reciprocating Oil Free Compressor
Air Generation and Treatment

High performance systems for clean, dry, compressed air that is essential to the performance of braking and pneumatic systems

Transit Rail Bogie Brake Equipment
Bogie Brake Equipment

A broad offering of magnetic track brake systems, disc stations & discs with various mounting options for transit applications

Wabtec Metroflexx Brake Control System
Brake Control

Reliable brake control systems for all types of transit rail

Wabtec Braking Systems

Game-changing innovation

Wabtec Transit Rail Braking Systems
DistanceMaster™ by Wabtec: We don’t just make braking distance reproducible, but we also improve it in impressive proportions!

As the greenest form of passenger transport, rail travel is at the heart of the matter when it comes to lowering emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). It is therefore essential to find ways to accommodate more people on the network while providing a comfortable passenger experience...

Innovating with Purpose: Green Friction Technology
Green Friction Technology: Tackling fine particle pollution in tunnels

Pollution – whether of oceans, groundwater or air – is one of the hot-button topics of our age. Reducing air pollution from automotive emissions has long been the primary objective of  research and development, but equally, the issue of air quality in train tunnels is also a major concern. Wabtec is tackling this challenge through next generation friction technology that drastically reduces brake emissions.

Wabtec Transit Rail Braking Systems
Why Tomorrow’s Trains Won’t Have to Choose Between Customization and Competitiveness

From the George Westinghouse distributor valve to the SAB slack adjuster and BFC tread brake, Wabtec builds on over 150 years of train brake expertise in our continuous effort to introduce innovative braking solutions. Today, we’ve redoubled our focus on the areas of product validation and certification to address brakes’ three main subsystems...

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