High Temperature Applications

Custom heat recovery systems & fabrications for a broad range of applications where extreme temperature & pressure conditions are present.

Engineering, Design & Custom Fabrication


Wabtec Convection Recuperator
Convection Recuperators

Tubular heat exchangers that utilize convection heat transfer to preheat combustion air or gas for the purpose of saving fuel

Wabtec Radiation Recuperators
Radiation Recuperators

High-temperature heat exchangers that utilize radiation heat transfer to preheat combustion air or gas for fuel savings

Wabtec Indirect Fired Heaters
Indirect Fired Heaters

Complete systems comprised of a combustion chamber, control system and heat exchanger

Wabtec Flue Gas Coolers
Flue Gas Coolers

Designed to cool hot, dirty flue gas streams for entry into pollution control equipment

Large Scale Custom Fabrications - Skids
Custom Fabrications

Custom high alloy stainless steel & tube assemblies as well as large carbon steel fabrications & assemblies

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)
Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)

Collecting plates & discharge electrodes for aftermarket applications

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Wabtec Heat Transfer & Heat Energy Solutions