Performance Upgrades

Software and hardware upgrade options to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, enhance asset availability and reliability, and optimize asset lifecycle costs.

Performance Upgrades

Modernizing Your Fleet

The FDL Advantage

Wabtec has developed a fuel-saving engine upgrade package for its FDL locomotive platform as well as a complete control system replacement. In addition to addressing industry imperatives for improved fuel efficiency and reliability, these solutions introduce next-generation data and software capabilities to position railroads for the future of transportation.

Wabtec FDL Advantage
Up to 5% reductions in fuel consumption

The FDL Advantage is an upgrade to the existing FDL engine that will provide significant fuel savings at the Tier 1+ emission level. It features improved air handling and a high-pressure common rail fuel system which offers improved injection control. These updates allow for improved tuning of the engine. In addition, other design elements have been incorporated to improve reliability. The FDL engine has been in production since the 1950’s and operates in heavy-haul applications throughout the world.

Wabtec FDL Advantage
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