Advanced Self Load Outbound Test

Wabtec Automated Self Load Outbound Test
Wabtec Automated Self Load Outbound Test

The Automatic Self Load Outbound Test (ASLOT) standardizes a repeatable, accurate, and concise process for load testing locomotives. Snapshots of locomotive performance data are obtained automatically without manual operator transcription. By establishing an objective test for a set duration, this creates fuel savings and enhances operator efficiency by reducing overall cycle time for the test.


  • Reduces the maintenance cycle time – optimizing labor to minimize fuel consumption,  saving hundreds of gallons of fuel a year for normal maintenance and reliability cycles
  • Fastest warming time for cold engine


  • Process automation and Data capture
  • Simple Pass/fail logic for locomotive health
  • Concise Test Log showing active incidents


  • AC CCA based locomotives
  • Tier 2 and 3 Engines
  • Tier 4, DC and FDL/GEVO platforms (upon request)
  • Power PC and SCIO based Control System Only
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Automated Self Load Outbound Test

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