ECP Interface Unit
ECP Interface Unit
ECP-4200 Interface Unit (EIU)

The EIU directly interfaces with the ECP 230 VDC Trainline power supply and is connected to the NIU-II. It also acts as a gateway between the NIU-II and Trainline Network to allow HEU/LCM messages to be passed between the Trainline network devices and the NIU-II.

  • Interfaces directly to the Trainline Power Supply and NIU-II
  • Discrete 74 VDC I/O
  • PCS Relay (NO & NC operation)
  • Power Supply Controller Logic
  • ECP Trainline Interface for NIU-II

NOTE: The previous Locomotive ID (LID) functionality is now integrated into the cable between the EIU and NIU-II. This cable has an integrated static memory for maintaining the Locomotive Static parameters specific to each customer application.