Wabtec Digital Core Electronics and Analytics Event Recorders
Wabtec Digital Core Electronics and Analytics Event Recorders

Wabtec’s integrated family of event recorders feature an FRA Crash Hardened Memory with capacities of 8 to 128GB permit storage of Event Data from a variety of locomotive sources, storage of PTC mandated data channels, and storage of up to four HiDef video cameras. In addition to crash hardened memory, units can provide removable solid state disk storage of video from panel.

Compatible with AAR S9101B industry standard, the integrated family of event recorders provides a wide range of communication options, including seven Ethernet ports with PoE capability, traditional RS-232 and RS-485 serial port options, and USB 3.0 super-speed download.

This family of Wabtec recorders also provides ‘One Box’ storage of multiple data streams and a ‘One Tool’ synchronised display and analysis of all data including video.

Advanced features include time synchronization to external time sources and integration of legacy Wabtec recorders.

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