FastBrake® Electronic Air Brake System
FastBrake® Desktop "30" Style Cab Control Unit
FastBrake® Standalone "26" Style Cab Control Unit
FastBrake® Electronic Air Brake System
FastBrake® Desktop "30" Style Cab Control Unit
FastBrake® Standalone "26" Style Cab Control Unit


FastBrake® Electronic Air Brake is a microprocessor based, electro-pneumatic braking system. Designed for superior reliability, the system includes tightly integrated electronics and pneumatics, redundant electronics, dual channel power supply, and reduced part count. With over 4,100 systems installed globally, FastBrake® is service-proven and backed by Wabtec's global service and support network.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be integrated with Distributed Power (DP) and Electronically-Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) braking applications
  • Design configurations support both one pipe or two pipe locomotive pneumatic interconnection as well as single or dual cab control
  • Includes advanced diagnostics to provide railroad personnel with step-by-step troubleshooting capabilities and recommended actions
  • Simplified maintainability including fewer replaceable modules, advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities as well as integrated fault retrieval
  • Distributed processing among portions
  • OEM integrated or separate displays
  • Industry standard communication-controller Area Network (CAN)
  • Service proven, core pneumatic technology from 26L and EPIC®
  • Easily accessible pneumatic test points & pneumatic backup

System Components:

The system features two major components, the Pneumatic Operating Unit (POU) and the Handle Controller Unit (HCU).

Pneumatic Operating Unit (POU)

Comprised of (4) Subassemblies:

  • Brake Pipe Portion Control (BP)
  • Brake Cylinder Control Portion (BCP)
  • Independent Application & Release (IAR) or Brake Cylinder Equalization (BCE) Portion Options
  • Power Supply Unit


  • Size: 36" W x 23" H x 23" D
  • Weight: 295 lbs.
  • Primary Replaceable Modules: 4
  • Supply Voltage: Nominal 74 or 110 VDC
  • Power Usage: 1 Amp @ Nominal 74 VDC

Handle Controller Unit (HCU)

  • Available as Desktop "30" or Standalone "26" with Display
  • Magnetoresistive, non-contacting position sensor technology
  • Desktop or side mount handle options and compatible with all cab design configurations


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